You can afford representation

No Win No Fee

You need to be represented

The legal process of employment law is complicated. To take or defend a claim without a representative would be risky.
If you’re an employee with limited means, and you are considering raising a grievance or going to mediation services, we encourage you to engage professional assistance. You can be sure your employer will have a lawyer so it’s best you have a legal expert on your side as well to make sure you have the best chance of a fair outcome.  Work Law provides a No Win No Fee service to employees when you have been treated unfairly. With our support, you and your employer can part ways on mutually agreed terms.

You will have a better chance of success if you have a legal expert on your side.

1000's of New Zealand employees per year trust us to help with their employment relationship problems.

We really care about our clients. You can turn to us when things are going wrong at work. 

Read Our Reviews:

Jenifer was super supportive and validating

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Jenifer and the work law team were great. They were super supportive and validating through the stressful process and represented me justly. Thank you.

Kam worked hard to achieve a great outcome

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I had the pleasure of working with Kam Bailey. She was extremely professional, helpful and worked hard to achieve a great outcome for my situation. She kept in touch and ensured I knew what was going on each step of the way. I am truly grateful for her assistance and work as I was going through a great deal of stress, Kam took all the stress away and dealt with everything which left me at peace that I didn’t have to worry about dealing with the issues directly myself. I recommend her and the company 100% if you need help with work situations. Quality work and great service! Thanks again Kam!

Very professional and straight to the point.

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We dealt with May. She was excellent and straight to the point. We were amazed by her professionalism and the way of dealing with things through the mediation process. We will not hesitate to recommend anyone to Worklaw.

Outstanding communication.

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After a really stressful departure from my job I didn’t feel I was being treated fairly or lawfully, Sandy immediately put me at ease and laid down a clear plan on how to resolve the matter. I felt respected and listened to and the level of communication from Sandy was outstanding.

We save careers and save people from employment relationships that have turned bad.   Give us a call, you'll always be met with a friendly voice at the end of the phone. You'll feel better once you ask for help.


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